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Website management services

Why you  need management for a WordPress site

Having a website for your business is now an established necessity and a valuable tool – especially if it is a WordPress site. However, if you don’t have the time or the expertise to properly maintain your site it can soon become a worry and, eventually, it will work against the success of your business.

There are five main reasons for keeping every aspect of your WordPress site up to date, which are:
• Security
• Performance
• Bug fixes
• Compatibility
• Features

Maintenance has to be done consistently and with care. Sometimes an update can cause a conflict so when there is any major updating to do I first test out a clone of your site to see how it all behaves. In this way I avoid breaking your site.

The full range of services are:

  • Telephone & email support – If there is any issue affecting your site or mail boxes for a period of more than 45 minutes in peak time then I will notify you to say how this is being addressed.
  • Proactive upgrades as required
  • Proactive plugin and theme upgrades weekly
  • Secure offsite backup weekly of database and  whole site files
  • Security scans
  • Site tracking report every month (or weekly if wished)
  • Professional level security installed for site
  • Average task response time – 4-12 hours (including weekends)
  • Access to training videos

There are 3 levels of management:

The majority of my clients are not experts in the field of websites, which is why they hire me.
I do find myself trying to assist clients in adjusting settings in email clients (the bits of software on your computer that you use to send and receive your emails) and investigating whether or not your computer has a virus.

I never mind helping my clients but I think it would be good if my clients could have a clearer picture of what I am able to deal with and what is clearly in the client’s court and to do with their own IT setup.

Therefore, I seek to inform as much as possible so that my clients feel more confident.

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